Dr. Martin Krott


Experience in China since 1984 , CEO of Austrian Company with 400 employee in Xiamen
Sinology Background, fluent in chinese writing and speaking, Marketing and Sourcing skills
Based now in Gars / Austria

Ing. Brunold M. Loidl

ATE_2111 BA

Project Manager for large IT Project, 20 years abroad experience. Since 2009 operating in Sinoasia.
Based now in Klosterneuburg, Austria

Cornelius Müller



Production Leader for 1700 Employee,
Q&A, Sourcing, technology trends special in LED, cellphones
Based now in Shenzhen

Alfred Pichler


Manager in Food & Beverage market. Setup of Hotel & Catering (Hotel, Cruise, Airline).
Based now in Shanghai, in Asia since 1992

Consulting for Business in Sinoasia